Artist Bio

Scott C. Brooks is a slide guitar composer and singer/songwriter who plays folk and blues music in styles common to the early 1900's through to the 1960's. His music is a wide screen tribute to artists that poured their hearts and souls into the music they created. Scott has been studying Appalachian blues styles, with slide guitar in particular as a focus. After surviving a house fire on his birthday in 2014, he has been doing field recordings and playing slide blues music in the Mid Atlantic while rebuilding his home. 

Currently living in West Virginia on his farm with his wife, Holly Eaton, he is a staple of the small club/open mic circuit playing everywhere from jam parties and festivals to dive bars and coffee houses. He has done numerous recordings and has many digital releases. At any moment, he is always in the studio recording new material for soundtracks and public releases. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons's Disease in 2015, and nearly lost the ability to play music but for the sake of modern medicine and a good doctor. Since he has relentlessly performed on many tracks for studio releases. 
 Taking a part time work as a sound engineer, He continues to produce and release folk blues music, while building a new studio in the Eastern Panhandle. He lives just off the US 219 musical corridor of west Virginia.