Back in the saddle

Hey folks, its been a wild ride for the past few years. As many of you know, we had a house fire that destroyed almost everything. I lost my studio, most of my instruments and almost my life. My wife and i struggled through on the worst mountaintop winters in memory, but we were able to get a small camper, a decent chain saw, and with a bit of stubborn determination and a few close friends, we built a cabin where the old place stood. Of course, that kind of work takes its toll. 
I broke both my ankles fighting the fire, got smoke inhalation, lost a little body hair, that sort of thing. it also exacerbated what would be soon diagnosed as early onset Parkinson's Disease. During all this I was still trying to work full time. It all came to a head, before I got medication last winter.
Fearing I wouldn't be able to continue working or playing music, I used a field recorder and played literally every day till I couldn't physically make music anymore. I layed down over 300 hrs of tracks and new compositions. Luckily with the help of a good doctor at WVU, Morgantown WV, I was able to come back a bit and go back to both work and playing music.
So, now I'm doing sound ad my day job, along with writing and playing music. 
The new album is what I could salvage from the fire, and reworked literally with what I could remember from all the lost data. Lit. The cover photo is one of my guitars burnt into the wall of the old studio like a ghost. I am currently building another studio, a better studio, a bigger studio to replace the one I lost. every album or sound yall download helps me put another plank on the roof, or mortar pail in the foundation. 
I'll keep talking and playing if yall keep listening-
Scott C. Brooks, Bluesman

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